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Andre G.

My experience at this optometrist was absolutely wonderful!!! Robert Savich, one of their opticians, was not only extremely helpful, resourceful, and kind, he was very empathetic to the original conundrum that brought me into this gallery in the first place. Prior to coming to Eye Gallery, Doctors of Optometry, I purchased a pair of designer glasses frames from another Optometry store; unfortunately this experience was not good. When I explained my predicament to Robert he not only helped me find a far better fitting and much more comfortable pair of glasses, he helped me find a frame that my lenses could be cut into and were nearly identical to my previously purchased frame. I was so ecstatic that I wouldn’t have to re-order lenses and that I managed to find the same look but even better than I was originally going for!! To top it of, Robert even managed to find the very same plastic lenses that originally came in my previously purchased frames. The Eye Gallery has found a very special Optician named Robert Savich; I truly hope they keep as an integral member of the team for years to come. He genuinely loves his profession and went above and beyond his job to not only make me confident in my glasses, but also provide a feasible solution to my very uncomfortable situation.

- Andre G.